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Body percussion

1º ESO WEEK (Sección y programa) from 23rd-28th of March

Body percussion is a really creative part of body expression. You must master rhythm, motor coordination, mindfulness and expressiveness.

Look how awesome it can be performed on the stage.

You don’t need to perform at this level… It needs hundreds of hours practicing, passion and commitment… I’d love you to perform something easy….

  • Watch and listen to the next video, if you have the chance use headphones.
  • Practice and learn “Body percussion 1” and “feet rhythm 2”.
  • Be patient and practice, when you learn some new it needs time, make mistakes and practicing. Don’t get frustrated
  • It would be great if you can do it with some family members. Try to convince them to perform with you. Everybody will be focused on the task and nobody will think about the current situation. If not do it individually.
  • Once you get it record your performance for 30 seconds approximately. Before recording try to change your camera resolution to the lowest.
  • During your performance you must change at least one time form “Body percussion 1” to “Feet rhythm 2”.
  • Upload your fantastic performance here to be evaluated and answer the questions about your process. TO DO THIS YOU NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT. If you want upload a video without showing your face.


If you have enjoyed the task and you want to practice more I invite you to explore this channel and practice more during these weeks!