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Self assessment 5th Grade -Floorball-

Hi everybody!

After a long Floorball season is time to self-assess.

Resultado de imagen de world floorball championship 2018

Follow the next steps:

Access to Idoceo Connect 

  • Enter your class code (5th C: 94935      5th D: 45908)
  • Fill the rubric
  • Push the botton  “Entregar”
  • Fill your name as it is in your class list
  • Push again “Entregar”
  • You will see on the screen this…   Resultado de imagen de ok mark




This is Colpbol

Watch the video about “Colpbol”

Your teacher will let you know the Idoceo Connect code to complete the questionnaire


Last Sport of the season: Softball. Videos and questionnaire

Hola a tod@s,
Como ya sabéis vamos a acabar la “temporada” con el aprendizaje y práctica de un deporte con implemento, es decir, con un “utensilio” necesario para poder jugarlo, en este caso si hablamos de Softball será el bate 🙂 Esta vez no lo vamos a organizar en equipos fijos siguiendo el Modelo de Educación Deportiva si no que en cada clase variaremos los equipos.

Antes de nada un pequeño vídeo para ver las cosas que podremos hacer después de un poco de práctica:

Como tenemos la suerte que muchos compañeros y compañeras juegan softball en Rivas no hace falta explicar mucho y podemos podernos a jugar y practicar que es lo que todos queremos.

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Autoevaluación Floorball league

Self-assessment (First unit)

Read and fill the questionary below

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Christmas holidays is just around the corner!

Hi guys! after three months we are about to finish the first quarter of this scholar year, time flies!

All these months we have learned many things… we have learned to cooperate…we have learned new games such as “Dodgeball”, “Colpball”, “Hunter´s ball”…. even we have learned some terms related to environment such as “globalization” and “sostenibility”. Moreover we have worked very hard this last month by learning amazing tricks with the rope, jumping thousands of times and swinging the rope unsparingly…. In general terms all of you have done a very good job and you have noticed that your learned, ¡CONGRATULATIONS!


                                         6º C during the daily challenge

We will upload some vídeos as soon as we check you all have the authorization for that.

Before the end of this quarter you have to fill a self-assesment of your attitude by clicking here and you have the chance to evaluate your teacher by clicking here.